We hit back at The West Australian’s media report that casts doubt on Fremantle’s economic growth potential and position this week

Read our Press Release and follow up article by Business News.

Fremantle, like most urban centres, is affected by the current wave of societal change in the way people gather, shop, dine, interact commercially and manage environmental challenges. Learning from other Councils, or even other cities locally and internationally, is an important way to navigate our way through these changes.  We all need to be an active part of trying to find ways to manage all of these complex challenges.

Our monthly Business Capacity Podcast Forums and our Property Leaders Forums consistently show that residential attraction and growth is the key to achieving this – having a vibrant social and environmentally aspirational community is an essential ingredient in residential investment attraction

We have the added advantage, that unlike many urban centres in Australia, Fremantle is currently experiencing unprecedented investment and renewal underway, with the combined value of private and public investment in the pipeline totaling more than $1.3 billion.

There is always work to be done in making the Fremantle region a better place to do business and ensuring the voice of the business community is heard. Reporting on the views of one or two struggling businesses in isolation does not accurately reflect the position of the business community and we are grateful to Business News for their accurate report of the views of our local business leaders.

Speaking of changing times, I’m really looking forward to hearing about changes in our online environment and how we manage the growing impact of cyber security on large and small business alike. Our Set the Month in Motion Q&A Forum is Wednesday 7 August – registrations now!

Finding a strong voice, advocating for change and providing the most up to date data are a big part of what the Fremantle Chamber offers our business members. For those of you who haven’t joined up for 2019 as yet I encourage to join up to be an ongoing part of our conversation. We have just released a new membership pack that sets out the benefits of membership and includes an application form. The membership pack is available by emailing Luke at membership@fremantlechamber.com.au

I’ll share more next week on our Fremantle Business Awards 2019 Winners’ Circle and sponsors event at people’s choice winner Percy Flint tonight. I am so looking forward to finding creative ways to build this leadership group into an annual network that continues to lead and inspire.

Finally, I encourage each and every one of you to head into Fremantle tonight or this weekend to experience the last of  10 Nights in Port  and Hidden Treasures. I had one of the best weekends of my life last week as I found myself a fashion factory worker and made myself a WOWZZZEEE to wear out into the night, listened to the lovely tones of Felicity Groom, felt like a kid again under the magical cubbyhouses of Festival Club at the Moore & Moore Gallery, gathered by a street fire and topped it off with a hot, spiced rum and crème at Jungle Bird.

How privileged are we to have this amazingness on our doorstep!

Maybe the West Australian should check into the Old Customs Building tonight and surround themselves in silver sequins to experience first-hand the soul and creativity that is driving this City!

Image: Fremantle Tourism Association