I had the privilege of attending a corporate night at Freo.Social last night, entertained by the delightful WA homegrown Lucy Peach, to get a sense of the unique space for corporate functions.

As I stood in that historic artillery drill hall, I couldn’t help but think how lucky we are, here in Fremantle, to have the opportunity to still uncover new venues and retailers that surprise and delight us.

Fremantle’s distinct competitive advantage is our unashamedly urban and creative heart.  To paraphrase Lucy Peach, while the world is spinning around, business in Fremantle is definitely on it. However, lets not take this privilege lightly – get out this weekend, discover something new and support our local businesses!  Even the prison is turning it’s Red Lights on to raise awareness this weekend.

We will hold our September Chamber Business After Hours event at Freo.Social so you can also learn more about this 2019 Fremantle Business Awards Winners Circle winner. The September Business After Hours event will be a great chance to reconnect with those business leaders that you will hopefully meet in a whirl of speed networking next Thursday night at the Tradewinds. There are only a few spots left for this event so jump online now to book. Guests welcome at a cost of $15 a head.

We submitted a detailed response to the City of Fremantle’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2024 today. For those members interested, please contact me directly to seek a copy of our submission to the City if you would like one. I thank our Small Business and Retail Committee for their ongoing feedback and ideas on prevention to help manage this critical issue for Fremantle.

Our Marine and Engineering Local Think Tank is all set for next Wednesday. I am really looking forward to hearing more about what makes the world spin for these member businesses, and how we can work further to advocate for greater support of this important sector in Fremantle.

We will be presenting the progress of a number of industry specific initiatives under the Greater Fremantle Action Plan in our 2019 Annual Report.  Diarise our AGM on 22 October 2019 to learn more.

I also urge you to diarise the extraordinary Biennale Undercurrent19 (1-24 November) for an experience like no other.

I look forward to continuing to work to help activate our most unique spaces, and support our most innovative businesses.