Ships are My Arrows, the Sea My Bow, The World My Target”. Robert Thier, Historian

What an interesting week of reflection of our times!

We have seen a change in American President (although conceding defeat is proving quite the case study is resistance), significant challenges for our lobster industry as trade came to a grinding (but hopefully brief) halt due to China’s political plays and a Remembrance Day made so much more poignant in the reflections and understanding arising from our experiences in the global pandemic.

We are also on the eve of re-opening our borders – and with that the realisation of both the challenges and opportunities that this re-entry to the world and re-connection of business colleagues, family, friends, tourists and visitors may bring from beyond our own safe bubble.

This week, like much of our year, echoes both swings and roundabouts, and emphasises the crucial importance of keeping our eyes open, and pealed for changes on the horizon, new markets and ways to bounce back if things don’t quite go as planned.

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