Independent Chair of the Westport Taskforce, Nicole Lockwood set the scene at our Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Marine and Engineering Think Tank with a focus on Westport’s shortlist of options to manage the growing freight task into the future.

The big question of what this means for Fremantle still remains largely unanswered and it is managing this uncertainty that is seen as the biggest challenge for our local Marine and Engineering sector.

The multi-criteria analysis undertaken by the Westport Taskforce provides context and evidence of the depth of thinking around the complexity and development of these short-listed options.

The recurring theme in the marine and engineering industry feedback was the positive focus on corridors in and out of a Port rather than nodes, the role of port operators and commercial implications for multiple operators, the differences in capital investment and the rationale behind Roe Highway not being a feasible solution in the base case. The group also noted the importance of links to Latitude 32 and the importance of consideration of the role for local content from our marine suppliers and the local industry.

As a Chamber, it is clear that whatever option is built in the next 10 years, ongoing work is needed for greater promotion of Fremantle as a place to live, entertain and play for workers down at AMC and Kwinana. This will require early consideration of not just freight transport but planning better transport links from Coogee, the AMC and Kwinana into Fremantle.

You are invited to hear more about the shortlisted options at a FREE information event, co-ordinated by the Westport Taskforce, on Wednesday 18 September, 7:30am to 8:00am, at the Esplanade Hotel by Rydges, Fremantle.

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Image: Vessel Traffic Services Officer Mick