“Don’t worry about what’s cool and not cool, Authenticity is Cool” Zac Prosen – Fashion Designer

When did it all get so real?

Maybe I am reflecting my age and demographic but I think I do sometimes think I prefer a world where brand and image was a touch more curated, glossy and still! Clearly though COVID and social media has taken us to a little more of a real behind the scenes, less produced, style world. A world where brands have to be more than a pretty postcard, they have to be real, they have to be authentic and if we are zooming in our PJs then clearly social media is reflecting exactly how the difference between work and life is becoming a touch more blurred.

We had a fascinating and thought provoking chat on these themes at our Social Media Trends 2021 podcast yesterday. A conversation that kept going well after the camera stopped, and for those of us still there for croissants I think we all wished the microphone had kept recording so we could have captured it all.

I guess in many ways that is what we are trying to do with brand creation and communication now – showing our audience and our customers the real world behind the camera, the product or the people. There were some great lessons for our hospitality and retail businesses on getting the balance right – recognising that our customers will have the menu in one hand and your instagram feed in another while working out what the dish will look like before it hits the table and exactly who is the person producing it.

I encourage you to have a listen and have a think about what businesses, people and products you can connect with to tell your businesses story, and the story of the region in which you do business.

Other than that it has been a BIG week of committees, conversations and planning. We have submitted our Planning Reform WA position paper, and Infrastructure WA’s strategy comments are due out later today. We will share more on this and our Committee priorities in next week’s Chamber Weekly.

For now soak up the myriad of member’s events below and lets hope Spring starts to get a bit more spring in its step.

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